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Fostering with CFF

Your Responsibilities as a Foster Parent - Please Read

You will provide a safe environment for the kittens (and the mom, if applicable)

  • Electric cords will be inaccessible

  • Doors will be blocked so that kittens cannot get out of the designated area

  • You will isolate the kittens from your personal pets for a minimum of 2 weeks. At the end of that time, you will only allow kittens to interact with your other pets or your children under your direct supervision. Kittens can become suddenly frightened, and tragic accidents can happen very quickly.

You will provide a clean environment for the kittens

  • You will scoop the litterbox regularly (at least 3 times/day)

  • You will replace the litterbox and clay, non-clumping litter at least once a day

  • You will provide fresh water and wash all water bowls with dish detergent at least once a day

  • You will feed according to the schedule provided by CFF using the food provided and wash the plates after each use

  • You will bathe the kittens as directed when necessary

  • You will check for fleas using a flea comb at least once a day (destroying any live fleas in a bowl of water with a little Dawn detergent); you will report the incidence of fleas to the Foster Coordinator

  • You will wash all bedding as necessary (but at least every other day)

You will provide a healthy environment for the kittens

  • You will weigh each kitten daily and record the weight

  • You will administer all medications according to directions and record administration on the appropriate paperwork

  • You will spend at least 3 hours a day socializing the kittens (playing, cuddling, talking, etc)

  • You will IMMEDIATELY report any health issues to the appropriate CFF staff person. Kittens can experience rapid health decline if not treated quickly.

  • You will bring the kittens to CFF for general evaluation every 1-2 weeks


You will provide weekly reports regarding the foster kittens and more frequently, if requested

You will return the kittens upon request

You understand that you are receiving the foster kittens/mom at your own risk and any damages or injuries to you, your family, your other pets or your home are your responsibility


Steps for Fostering with CFF

  • Read the FOSTER PARENT RESPONSIBILITIES on this page; or download the PDF to read

  • Someone from the sanctuary will contact you.

Feline Foster


Foster Parent Agreement

Foster Parent Responsibilities

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