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Surrendering Your Cat

From your cat’s point of view, when you surrender her/him, you are separating her/him from home and family….very often the only home and family she/he has known. While we understand that there are a limited number of reasons that make surrender an absolute necessity, many owners are looking to surrender their cats for reasons of convenience. Owners should understand that the effect on the surrendered cat is often profound, ranging from simple sadness and withdrawal to depression that can, in fact, cause death when the cat refuses to eat. If the issues causing surrender to be considered are behavioral, we have tips and strategies to help. Call us for help before you take the drastic step of surrendering the cat.

If you must pursue surrender, ALL surrender arrangements must be approved by the Executive Director. Please note that we are a nonprofit organization that receives no public taxpayer funding, so all of our expenses are covered by donations. For that reason, we require a donation at the time of surrender. The Executive Director will discuss the size of the donation based on the circumstances of the surrender. In most instances, the donation will not be less than $5,000. Bear in mind that the surrender fee only covers about a year of care, and it often takes a surrendered cat AT LEAST 6 months to finish grieving the loss of her/his family and become available for adoptable. It is always more difficult to find loving homes for adult cats, so we must have donations to support the costs associated with your cat while she awaits adoption. And, remember, when you surrender your cat, you will sign away all rights to the cat.

Steps for Surrendering Your Cat

  • Contact the Executive Director, to discuss the situation causing the surrender: 772.463.7386

  • Provide ALL veterinary records. For senior cats (age 7 and above), we may require bloodwork done within the past 6 months so that we are able to assess the cat’s care requirements

  • The cat MUST be up to date on all vaccinations prior to entering the sanctuary (rabies, FVRCP)

  • Make an appointment to deliver the cat to the sanctuary

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