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Our Sponsors provide CFF with donations and services year-round. We celebrate these supporters whose philanthropy allows Caring Fields Felines continued growth year after year. 


Beautiful Tuxedos

Judith Yaker

Tom & Polly Campenni

Cool Calicos

Don & Linda Williams

Ron & Marilyn Maslanka

John & Christina Pavela

Magnificent Maine Coons

Katharine Goodman

Max & Erica Scherzer

Super Siamese

Ruth Wermont

Catharina Lake

Elaine Besson

Sharyon Daigneau

Richard & Donna Loew

Jim & Mallo Bisset

Janis Oehlschlager

Carol Dippy

Manchester Insurance

Virginia Sherlock

Gorgeous Gingers

Mark & Grethell Mayer

Jim & Andrea Strine

Bruce & Jill Lokay

Scot & Trudy Campbell

Dutch & Leslie Jones

Chris & Karen Bullock

Donna Kern

Denise Horvath Electrolysis

PD & Daria Weber

Diane Blackmon

Paul & Bridie Lampanelli

Bill & Audrey Crandall

Ildiko Hiadacher

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