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Message from the Director

Spring has sprung!  In addition to the usual harbingers of spring…longer days, rising temperatures, a touch more humidity in the air…we have begun to see an influx of pregnant cats, moms with newborns, and orphaned kittens arrive at our doors.  Our amazing foster families have been raising their hands with every request for help we have made, and so our new residents are living in loving, nurturing homes until they are old enough to receive their “graduation” services here at CFF in our medical suite (spay/neuter surgery, microchip, age-appropriate vaccinations, FIV/FeLV test, and flea treatment) to prepare each one for adoption.


Board Member Bruce Lokay has made our vision for a new cheerful, kitten-friendly adoption room come to life!  Be sure to stop by the Cattery the next time you are here to see how the Board Room has been transformed into a sea of pink and blue with seating for adopters, lots of space for kitten antics, and many cozy nooks for kitten naps.  His hard work is appreciated by all of us!


And, that is not the only change on the grounds since our last newsletter!  A new cottage was delivered to Campground B. It was generously donated by Mr. and Mrs. Catts to replace Pinks, our oldest cottage, which was too small for our current needs.  Once Paul Wardley works his magic, it will be a state-of-the-art cottage with a comfortable acclimation space for new arrivals.  Pinks was relocated to a space near the Care Center and, once retrofitted, will become an isolation space for cats/kittens who need to be separated from others while they recover. And, the final touches on Cat Key, the new cottage in the Front Five area (thank you Jeff and Linda Wayne) have been completed. Their friend, Gina Fyke, painted a beautiful mural….it is stunning and not to be missed.


Inside this edition, you’ll read about the success of our lively Open House on February 11, hear more about Bisset’s Birthday Bash on April 23 to benefit CFF, learn something about fleas (ugh!), and get more info about the myriad ways you can get involved with our efforts to save and enrich the lives of cats and kittens who await adoption at our amazing sanctuary.


Until next time,

Pauline Glover

Executive Director

Pauline Cuddle.jpg

Pauline Glover

Executive Director

Board of Directors


Kathy Kienke


Bruce Lokay


Richard Loew


Antonia Barnes

John Pavela

Judy Schulte

Featured for Adoption


is a wonderful 10-year old smush.  If you are looking for a peaceful guy who wants to sit in your lap, be carried around, and eat the treats you offer, then this is your guy!  He is a big boy…weighing in at about 18 pounds, but that is just more to love.  He is in good health and will offer his new family quiet adoration and mesmerizing green eyes.


is a 2-year-old guy who is very young-at-heart.  Returned to us through no fault of his own, Jack loves to play, romp, and chase toys.  But, when it comes time to chill, he is all lap cat and purrs.  This handsome tuxedo is ready for his next chapter…maybe with you?



is the greeter-in-chief in her space.  Although she shares the space with others, she is the first to say hello to anyone who enters and will be a constant escort during their visit making sure her head is within reach of any pat that might be happening.  She gets along well with other cats and children too.  She is also about 10 years old but in good shape.  Remember that cats can live 20 years…she is barely middle-aged!

Check Meowt - A Roaring Success!

Check Meowt for Valentine’s Day was a roaring success!  Co-Chairs Gloria Oliver and Kim Guile did an amazing job planning for the perfect Open House to showcase our sanctuary and provide lots of fun for the 300+ people who attended. 

The highlight of the afternoon were the 3 performances by “Elvis,” who shook, rattled and rolled to the delight of everyone there. 


In addition, there were homemade cat toys and blankets for sale (Jennifer Jamason), Fairy Hair (Christine Anastasia), face painting (Amy Punckowski), tours (various volunteers), as well as snacks and beverages for young and old. 

A group of wonderful baskets were raffled to the glee of the winners. 


Tee shirts embroidered with the CFF logo and personalized paver bricks and benches were also available for purchase. 

The weather was perfect, and the event netted $5895…a resounding success, to be sure!

2.11.2023 event.jpg
2.11.2023 event3.jpg

Bisset Birthday Bash to Benefit CFF

Plans are firmly underway for a truly unique experience!  Local artist and Red Barn Furniture owner, Mallo Bisset, is throwing herself a 70th birthday party.  But, this is not just any party…she is gathering folks to raise money for CFF.  More than 50 of her fellow artists have committed to producing cat-themed works of art (jewelry too!) to be raffled and auctioned at the event…with all of the proceeds coming to CFF.  In addition to that, there will be refreshments and live music provided by Rocking RX.  Please mark your calendar and come to enjoy this fun event!

When:       Sunday, April 23 from 4pm to 7pm


Where:     Court House Cultural Center and Gazebo Park

                                    80 SE Ocean Boulevard, Stuart


VIP Reception 3pm to 4pm

For donors giving more than $100 before April 15


cat statues.jpg
4.23 cat.jpg



Medical Moment - FLEAS!

By Lynnly Miller, DVM

Fleas are a year-round problem in Florida as the weather is conducive to their survival.  Outdoor and indoor/outdoor cats should be treated monthly for fleas.  I am also asked if indoor-only cats need to be protected from fleas, and the answer is most often, yes.  Remember that fleas can hop a ride into your home on your pants, shoes, socks or your dog and then make the quick leap to your cat.


The fleas that are specific to cats are the Ctenocephalides felis. They remain on the host, your kitty, as adults and require fresh blood to reproduce.  Their powerful hind legs allow them to be extremely mobile…easily running and jumping through fur.  If you have ever flea-combed a cat or kitten, I’m sure you have been amazed at the athleticism of these little pests.


Adult cat fleas live from 4 to 25 days on your cat.  They lay eggs at the rate of up to one egg per hour. Because the eggs have a smooth surface, they easily fall out of the cat’s fur and are difficult to see.  They remain wherever they have landed until the larvae emerge…generally within 2 days. They exist in their larval stage for 5 to 15 days, living on “flea dirt” or other organic matter in their environment.  “Flea dirt” is adult flea feces which consists of relatively undigested blood that has fallen from the resident cat.  They prefer warm, humid environments. Larvae then spin silk cocoons in which they will develop into adult fleas. 


The cat flea life cycle usually lasts 30 to 75 days but may vary due to external factors such as humidity and temperature…although our sub-tropical environment is ideal for flea survival.


Evidence of fleas is generally 1st suspected by observing the cat scratching…a lot!  A quick run through the fur with a flea comb will then often produce flea dirt and most likely some live fleas.  Some cats are allergic to flea bites and can develop skin infections secondary to the extreme scratching and discomfort the cat is experiencing.  Another issue for cats with fleas is tapeworm infestation.  As the cat grooms, it may ingest live fleas or their larvae, and tapeworm eggs are most likely being consumed by your cat because they are attached to the fleas or larvae.


Your veterinarian will recommend the right product for your cat, and there are many highly effective choices.  Some also include heart worm prevention as well as treatment for certain intestinal worms.  In addition, there are ways to treat your outside environment to minimize fleas in the yard.  The discussion can be part of your next visit to the vet.


Our Florida weather affords a wonderful lifestyle for us….and some pesky pests too!

How You Can Help

Cat Adoptions

Are you looking for the perfect kitty companion to brighten your life?  We have open adoption hours on

Friday, Saturday and Monday from 11am to 3pm

with adoption counselors on hand to introduce you to

our kittens and cats. 

Other times are available by appointment (772-463-7386). 

The adoption fee is $70 for one and $125 for two.

Any adopted cat/kitten must be in a carrier to leave the property for the animal’s safety.


As you might imagine, we need lots of supplies to care for 150+ adult residents and anywhere from 20 to 80 kittens in foster homes.  Our list is also available on

  • Friskees canned food

  • Fancy Feast kitten canned food

  • Purina One Healthy Kitten dry food

  • Purina One adult dry food

  • Scoopable cat litter

  • Paper towels

  • Dawn dish soap (blue)

  • Temptation treats


Volunteers are the lifeblood of our Sanctuary. 

Without them, we could not care for our residents, provide foster homes for our kittens, hold fundraising events, maintain our social media presence and our website, etc. 

Volunteer and Foster applications are available on our website.  Please complete and submit the application, and we will be in touch!

Mark Your Calendar and Support CFF!

Save The Date


Merry Meows

Mark your calendar for Saturday, December 2, 2023. 

We are reimagining the event…stay tuned for the exciting details!




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